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These days, classmates around me asking our lecturer about job, and career for the future, after graduate. They seems to be nervous, everyone seems to be worried, but is it like what the lecturer told us, are we worrying too much? Hmm...

Well, personally, I think if we have think of the future, it's good, at least we have a target to reach; however, when people told us that we think too much, is it meaning that we need to rethink and really focus for the present? Honestly, I planned for my future since year 2 in college, but the future it's not about what post I'm going to hold for the coming 10 or 15 years, but what things I can archive when I graduated, and am I fully armed with the skill and strength to cope with the industry field...

World today is so crucial. Everything we need to fight to earn it. No shortcut. I admit that I have the spirit to compete with others, and always train myself to be better and better. However, I have weakness like everyone else, and the most terrible case is, I never learned from my mistakes, caused by my weakness. I'm emotional, and my expressions are easily shown through the face. People know me well, what I'm going to say and to do, they can get the answer without hesitation. My EQ is terribly low, and make people afraid of me, or rather don't like to mix with me. But to me, I know my weakness, and I wish to improve it. But, when my mind starts to think of the "comparison" spirit in my heart, it heats my heart up, and burns it. Meaning, the force to be better and better has turns me into a guy which with low EQ, and solitaire...

Hmm... During the talk yesterday, one of my classmate said that he used to drop tears when the marks given is lower to others. It's somehow quite surprised me when I heard that. From that moment on, I realize that sometimes people are just looking too heavy to marks, or grades? Even my gf does care about the A and A- so much... Well, I'm not meaning that marks are not important, but, are we gonna rely everything on the digits? My grades are always low for every terms, but always, I have my style to ease myself, and balance my emotions. When I put my effort on the subjects, yet I still get low marks, I will persuade myself that I still have the space to improve. I will not blame on anyone else, and I always believe that, things happen surrounding you with reasons. It's destined that you meet with the people you know now, and things you do now. God wants you to learn from each other, and who knows, the step you make might a tough 1, but it leads to a better road although it fulled with hardness and unexpected challenges.

I know I talked a lot of crappy stuff in this journal. I just try to make some conclusion for what plays in my mind for today's talk in lab 2. Life is tough, yet, tough always the best word to describe the life, isn't it? We shall enjoy for what we have now, sometimes up and sometimes down, and that's make the life meaningful. Results in the end although it's important, but, isn't that it's more important that we learned something for what we do during the process, and enjoy it?



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